Dear Esther’s workshop

In 1972, I have started to make porcelain beads and I’m still making them because I love to shape the beads, to color them and to sand them before fire them and put them together. I have invented my own tools through the years. Very often, I add Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones or fresh water pearls to the porcelain beads.

My trademark is a bead that looks like an applecore. You can find one in each bracelet or necklace. Most of my jewels are one of a kind.

I love that simple work which can be designed as a labour of love.
I am a proud member of the Artisans of the Cathedral since 1975.
I am there in august and september.

I have long lived in the beautiful village of Saint-Antoine de Tilly. I now enjoy to live in the wonderful Quebec City. I am member of the Trades Council of Art.

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